Damage goods - Grete

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sat 2 Apr 2016 16:10
"Long time no hear"......

This time we have good news and bad news.
The good news is the weather is beautiful, summer is here and that also means the first turists has arrived here in Ag Nikolaus, feels good.

The good news:
 Sans Peur is waiting for new equipments, tender/dinghy AB Lammina 9AL, outboarder Tohatsu M9 8 BS, Telescopic Pole Selden and Conversion Kit 24 wolt to make the winch for the main eletric.

The bad news:
Last Sunday I had an accident, at our Easter Party in the marina. As always, it was very nice, good food and drink and nice company. Later that evening I had a black out and fell straight into the ground. Ambulance and hospital, below you can see the result.

All our fellow sailors have been absolutely amazing. I am overwhelmed of all  care, helpfulness and empathy from everyone. Everybody have come and visited me, offered their help and they have been so consern. Even people I barely know have shown their empathy.
All of this has warmed deep into my heart. Thank you so much.
Poor Fred is struggling, he has to do everything, it's like having a baby again.

Change of plan again ..... We take one day at a time right now.
 But we are staying in Ag Nikolaus to the end of May.
I  feel I have made good progress in the past days, now I can walk around with borrowed crutches (thank you Jill and Paul) and it feels like I'm starting to return to normal, even though I sometimes feel like a wobbly plaster pack.

Nice coffe time with all the lovely ladies in the marina. Thank you so much !!!