Mytilini, port of entry, Greece

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Tue 11 Aug 2015 09:20
39 06 22N 26 33 60E  Mytilini (the capital), Lesbos (the island) 11 August

We left Esci Foca, Turkey, early in the morning, before sunrise. 
Best time of the day to start sailing. A bit crisp and air is still cool, soon it will be very hot, no wind in the early morning, the Meltemi is resting for now but for sure will turn up later.
And it did, right in the nose, we are motoring 1400 rpm, nice and peaceful. 
Time to leave Turkey now, for a lot of reasons it feels better to go south via the Greek islands instead of the Turkish inland.

Checking in to Greese is very easy and people speak english, Fred "only" had to visit 8 differet places, very nice officials all of them! The hardest part was actually to pay the new tax, 30 Euros, for yachties. Total cost 45 Euros, and (Thank god, no corrupted agent involved). What's wrong with Turkey?! They seem to be more and more greedy.
Now as a member of EU we do'nt have to do anything in one year, we can stay as long as we whish but you have to get a new stamp every year. That's it. 
Fred are trying to  improve the holdings of our jib furling line. Seems to be a to much pressure on it.
Then he checked the proppelar schaft bearings! In the same space also some of our storage is located.
Jesus! Cans, jars ... is swimming in salt water. No, not again! Oh yes! 
There is a water leak fom the excaust pipe pumping in a drizzle of salt water into the lazarett. There is a awful lot of water. Fred has to do some adjustments, and it seems to stop the leak.
The good news is that we know where the water comes from and tomorrow morning we are going to emty everything with our SUPER vacuum cleaner!!!
It's now 18.45 and it's stil very hot, 39 C. Feels like we are dripping away, drop by drop, this is serius hot weather. Time for a nice cold OUZO with lots of ice (half price compared with Turkey).
Yassas, yassas!!!
Great to be in Greese, we like it ... a lot
2 Greek beers,  2 bootles of Greek Retsina and two nice pork wraps (long time no see pork), 16 Euros.
Lot of value for money.

Moored at the town key. No cost. You pay just for electricity.
At that simple fishermen restaurant we had the best sardines and calamari in a very long time.
Fresh and perfect cooked.
The third biggest island in Greece. We will rent a scooter for some days and do some exploring.
This is true Ouzo country, 80% of all ouzo in Greece is produced here.