Asstipalaia (Butterfly Island) - To much nasty Meltemi

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 9 Sep 2022 16:37

Appoing Astipalaia

This is our view from our anchorage

36 32 46N 26 20 68E

3-7 September Meltemi is blowing hard, to hard. Making any planned passage very uncomfortable.

At the moment we are anchored in a nice small bay, Ormos Livadhia, on the island of Astypalaia.

There is a spectacular view of the Chora. 

There is a lot of Meltemi wind but no swell. No problem sleeping. Good holding at 6 meters depth. 60 meters of chain out.

We don't dare to take the dinghy to shore. To much wind. Danger of flipping over.

On the 7th we decide to take of. Kos next. After leaving the island there is a very nasty sea, very windy and uncomfortable.

Change of plans, again, Tilos next, a bit more to the South. Means the waves come more from the back. 

Passing South of Nisos Nisiros. Suddenly almost no wind and no swell and no waves. Incredible how the weather conditions

can change so rapidly during just a daysail.