Sans Peur on the hard, Agios Nikolaos Marina Crete 32 days

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 24 May 2023 05:41
17 April she was lifted out. 17 of May she was back in the water again. 
Does NOT feel good to be on the hard. 
We have never been on the hard so long before. So many more preparations this time.
Why? In Australia they really did a shitty expensive job. First time we did not do it ourselves.
In average I think we lifted our boat every 1,5 year and had it checked. Anodes etc. And of course doing a proper antifouling.
That is hard work. 
I spend hours and hours just preparing the hull this time. It's a time consuming hard shitty work. You look like you came through a chimney everyday.
Then you need to prepare the hull where I needed to sand of everything that was coming loose. 
In this case I used International Primocon. Easy to work with. The whole hull looked like a patchwork.
18 liters of Trilux 33 was needed in order to cover the hull twice. Then I put a third layer on the waterline and the rudder.
Feels really good to be back in the water again. Our old spot at B15 was waiting for us.

Primocon everywhere.


A new elbow for Mr Perkins was also installed. Took an eternity to get from UK. Whatever you do, do not order anything from Brexit UK.

Finally ready to go into the water again. Now we are back on the B-pontoon.