Extremely slow travel - The slowest ever (experience 9 months of travel of canals before)

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sat 8 Nov 2014 20:07
48 57 25 N  04 21 38 E - Chalons-en-Champagne

Leaving Conde-sur-Marne and Canal de l’Aisne a la Marne (they just love all these many words and letters)

We are moored at a junction of 2 canals and today entering Le canal lateral a la Marne.
We need coolant urgently. Lost about 6 liters, means half, in about 200 hours. Mr Perkins is not happy at all.
Again there is this odd French character next to us. Living on a crap of a boat, even having a post box in front. Nock, nock, … Anyway you have some coolant for sale? No … but I will fix. Cost us a bottle of wine and a smile. Again, these French guys are not arrogant but helpful. So far none on the canals.
Just 3 locks and 18 km:s. But …. we where moving at a pace …. This barge Liberty almost drove the captain (Fred) crazy. Slowest on the canals, 5 km:s an hour, even less. Maens that you actually can walk faster. We where overtaken by runners, bikers …. anybody moving (snails).
Liberty has the Guiness Record of slowest movement  in and out of a lock.
3 locks and 18 km:s in 6,5 hours.

Moored at a small marina (is it a marina?). There a moorings for a few yachts, maybe 10. And at this time of the year it’s closed. We missed it at ourt first approach, means tiny.

First thing, find the super march. We need a nice rich warm soup. Days are getting colder. And we needed another glass of hot Gluwein (glögg) upon arrival.

Our Webasto Heater works perfectly, so far. You just have to be sure there are nothing obscuring the outlets.
Just missed that. Our garage bin is almost glowing. It’s removed now. 

It was a beautiful dead slow day.