Corona - The worst thing ever happened to us in our life time - Really SCARY

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 28 May 2020 08:13
Scarborough Marina QLD, Australia (seven months now, and it will probably another year, if they issue us a new visa)

Hi dear friends,

We are well and so is Sans Peur. 
Corona changed our plans, as for everybody.
Most probably we will spend another year in Australia due to all travel restrictions.

Probably we re in one of the best places to be stuck in. Lot of sailors are really in deep shit around the world at the moment.
We really feel sorry for them. 

Karolina, living in Melbourne, our oldest daughter, will have another baby in October. So it feels good to be here.
Soon, hopefully, the restrictions between the states here in AU will be lifted. 
Feels totally crazy that we can't see our daughter when we finally are  in the same country.

We have never ever experienced in our live time anything more scary then this Corona. 
Will it be a better or worse planet wold after this? Hard to say.

Anyway,  we are preparing  Sans  Peur for  the  next serious voyages. 
This super safe 26 ton solid aluminium sailing yacht is just a wonder. 
Yes, although very heavy with our new Hydranet sails she actually performs very well in any weather.
Downwind, half wind or against. Took some time to get it right bur now we fear almost nothing.
OK. You should not be to cooky. There is  always something unexpected around the corner.

7 months now in Scarborough Marina, close to Brisbane.
Our plan was to sail to Nomea, New Caledonia, from here. No, no ... will nor happen.

If possible we will sail along Queensland soon, inside the Great Barrier Reef. And then return, before October, to Scarborough again.
During the cyclone season you DO NOT want to be further North.

It means we will spend time in Australia another year. If we will get another visa extension.
At this very moment we are waiting for there response. Our visa expired 15 May. 
Now we have a strange thing called "Bridge Visa" while they are processing our 2 x 346 AUD request.
We are a bit surprised of their lack of effency, feels like being in Spain in old days, a lot of "Mañana" and lot of talking. 

Hopefully then we will be able to sail on next year in April.
Our future plan is New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Salomon Island, Papua New Guinea and then Indonesia ... 

But we need a to have Corona test or a vaccin in order to be able to sail on.

Next week Sans Peur will be able of taking on the big blue wast oceans again. 
Mayor check on Mr Perkins and our generator. 
There is always something to get maintained or upgraded.
Really looking forward to sail on soon.