Driving Around Langkawi - Part 3 We found a huge rock overpass and climbing/lookout....but they weren't rocks at all!

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Mon 6 Jul 2015 09:12


We passed this sign that brought back memories of Marmaris, Turkey.

We came upon the Seven Waterfalls only because it has been so dry the waterfalls were just a trickle and the pools were filled with brown or green water.




Actually this copper colour in the pool was really a great colour.

We thought these stone stairs looking interesting, we had to walk up them to see what was at the top.

On the way up one of the rocks had a hole in it…

The plants were surviving with the rains at night.

This whole rock/stone area is just shotcrete - sprayed on concrete!!!

Thailand in the distance.  Time for lunch.