Photos Backlog Part 7 - Mystery Island at Anelgowhat/Anatom Island

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 18 Oct 2011 06:14

Mystery Island

Across the bay from Aneityum is Mystery Island where the cruise ships go, beautiful beaches and lots of crafts to buy.  The monies received from the cruise ships provides good health care, schools and enables the villagers to maintain their village lifestyle, as they have for hundreds of years.

Mystery Island is locally known as Inyueg Islet and it is surrounded by the Tafea Reef, which makes it a perfect place for tourists.







The island is uninhabitated the villagers believed it was haunted by the sea gods and their warriors.  Now it is just a great place for tourists to visit.

In the distance you can see Aneityum.


Mary Margaret and Dave on Leu Cat



This old whale pot was discovered on Aneityum.  Whaling ceased in this area in 1878.


The colours of the water were wonderful, except for the fact there are no natural springs and cyclones have levelled the island, this would be perfect for a get-away spot, oh and the thousands of cruise ship guests that alight here once a week.