Location Report - Palau Besar

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 17 Nov 2012 09:30

02 06.349 N  102 20.354 E


Departed at 6:15 am and arrived here at 4:15 PM; however, we had a miserable 2.5 - 3 hours from about noon when suddenly, no forecast for such, winds built to 30 – 35 kts on the nose and steep/standing waves of 2 – 3  meters built and began burying the bow of Sea mist as we hobby-horsed up and down these walls of water. The seas were knocking us back sometimes to 2 – 3 kts and the best we could do was about 4 kts on average….boy, were we glad when we saw things substantially drop back after 3  pm…..anyway, other than it giving us a tough, slow, slog for part of the distance today, no harm done…..well, we missed the midday meal….but that just means we will enjoy Chez Cheryl’s creation tonight even more!!....reports a hungry man.


Had a good Skype connection with #2 son, Ian, this morning….great to have good internet off shore a lot of the time. We went with Maxis….strong signal where they are located around main towns/cities….but they don’t cover all the rural areas of Malaysia as completely as Celcom….but they have a much stronger network so that gives us good bandwidth and signal strength where they do have towers....and we have only experienced a few dead/weak areas as we progressed so far north-west along the Malaysian coast.


Nothing else to report….bodies, hips, ship are all doing well.


Cheers to all….the Seamisters