Photos: Part 3 - Nai Yang Beach Market Day

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 20 Feb 2014 10:00


Look at the size of the ginger, looks like a big foot.


Pink eggs, they are preserved for about 100 days, not a thousand years like the duck eggs in China.   There are various methods used to preserve the eggs,  ash, lime, rice, clay, hay – I suppose it just depends on the cost and availability of products what method they use.  I couldn’t find out how they get them pink, I know that the cochineal insect  produces carminic acid, which is extracted from the female’s body and her eggs, this makes a bright crimson colour but seemed to be very labour intensive for hundreds of eggs, then there is the madder plant and you get reds and pinks but again a labour intensive process, they do spread red calligraphy paper over the eggs to get the bright pink colour, but that would take a lot of time, now the market ladies may just do that,  but, since these pink eggs are sold in the grocery stores, I’m sure they use something as mundane as pink dye #13.  When you crack them open the white and yolk are a greenish black colour and used in many Thai dishes.

I was not too sure about the numbers as they all looked to be the same size.


Very fresh meat available, this once was a fairly good sized pig.

Great veggies, especially the red onions.

This lady was very proud of her dried fish and she kept the flies off them using a plastic bag.


Always a favorite, fried bananas.

They sell out fast.


She was looking at John and how tall he was, Canada eh?




Oysters on the run, slurp a few down as you walk around the market, no pearls inside though.


Fish to go, thank goodness for big banana leaves they make it easy to keep a clean surface for their foods.

These are little balls, they are meat and did not look like they had been made by hand, they were incased in a skin of some sort, the next time we see them we will ask what they are, and she could not speak any English at all.


This guy is very comfortable in his apron and fatigue pants!

Chicken dinner tonight, “Who said that?”




Ice cream stop before we go back to the boat.



Back at the beach, where everyone is enjoying the water and lying out in the sun.

This is the end of our Nai Yang Market Day.