Location Report - Possession Island/Cape York

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 28 Jun 2012 07:31

10 43.802 S 142 23.331 E


Yesterday we made our way around the most northern tip of Australia (Cape York)  which is just across the Torres Strait from Papua New Guinea. We continued down the west side of the mainland to arrive at Seisia where there is an aboriginal community….AND A WELL STOCKED SUPERMARKET!!!  We planned on going in to Seisia to replenish our fruits/veggies/eggs/bread…and a few other incidentals. It was really quite surprising to see such a great supermarket….what wasn’t so great > very high prices!!  Anyway, we have taken care of eating essentials until we get to Darwin.


We will write more later re our “most engaging” Escape River/Pearl Farm visit with Rusty and Bronwyn.


This morning we left Seisia to head off on the 800 nm passage(s) to reach Darwin as our friends, Dale and Stu (S/V Imagine) wanted to get going even though light winds were forecast for the next days. They have to get to Darwin sooner than we do by a number of days as Dale’s wife flies in on the 7th (they are going to explore Oz by car/train/plane for a couple of months) and Stu’s wife, Shelia, arrives from North Carolina on the 10th to rejoin Imagine for the rally north to South East Asia.  So they do have a bit of a hurry to keep going…even in light winds.


Well, after we sailed for an hour upon exiting Seisia, the wind died almost totally, the engine had to be started….and after about an hour of that nonsense, Cheryl and I called Stu to tell him we were abandoning the plan to accompany them…..we were turning around and would wait at Cape York until sailable wind redeveloped…..maybe not departing until Monday….which would have us staying put for the next 4 nights. So shortly after lunch we were comfortably anchored at Possession Island ….and relaxing in some glorious weather…albeit HOT without a breeze. But this anchorage does pretty well with some wind that happens just because of the local  Cape York geography.  Should be a great place to sit and await wind…..and get at the work list….since swimming in these waters is really not worth the risk…CROCS!!!


That’s all for now; we have 3 other friends’ boats just arriving at this anchorage: S/V Miss Behaving; S/V Y Knot; S/V Kilkea…..so time to go and watch the anchoring activity.


One last thing…..has to be a good anchorage cause it has the real essential…GREAT INTERNET SIGNAL/CONNECTION!!


Cheers to all….the Seamisters