Goodbye to has been TERRIFIC!!!....but now must move on to Vanuatu

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 19 Aug 2011 06:05
18 25.3 S 174 19.3 E

We are presently enroute to Vanuatu (475 nm passage from Lautoka) having
handled the formal clearance bureaucracy to leave Fiji yesterday at noon; we
excited the pass from the south west corner of Fiji's Viti Levu barrier reef
at 7 pm last evening....Thursday, Aug 18th and by 7 pm this evening we will
have done 175 nm in those first 24 hours........absolutely great, enjoyable,
sailing with a moonlight night to start things off and a blue sky, warm sun
beaming all day ...with a cool southerly breeze to keep us comfortable.

Our destination is Anatom Island...the southernmost island in the Vanuatu
chain of islands....entry port will be Anelghowhat on the south coast of
that island. We hope to arrive there on Sunday before dark if all goes well.
That will enable us to have the wind and seas behind us over the subsequent
days as we begin our trek northwestward through the chain of islands.....the
most important early stop being on Tanna Island to take in the very famous
active volcano there.

Sorry to have been so long in posting updates to our blog....we were
enjoying Fiji so very much that we just didn't get around to creating the
postings....never fear, we have captured some of the experiences to share
with you by way of photos.....and those postings will happen....some day???

All is well on-board....>>>....this is quite a change for the two of us...NO
IAN in our crew this time....and HE IS MISSED!...but we are managing.....and
I must say managing VERY WELL...when it comes to eating....Chez Cheryl has
delivered again with her meals preparation in advance of the passage.

Cheers to everyone....the Seamisters....John and Cheryl

P.s. love to receive your emails if you have a chance!

DTG 285 nm