Enroute Between the Marquesas and Tuamotus Archipelagoes in French Polynesia

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 29 May 2010 00:59

09 35 S  140 35 W


We departed Daniel’s Bay on Nuka Hiva this morning and have had very light wind conditions for the intervening hours; presently motoring as wind is not sailable. We do not have sufficient fuel to use much enroute as we need it to last until we reach Papeete, Tahiti about June 15th so we will have to accept slow progress on this passage….perhaps an average of around 100 – 120 nm per day if we are lucky.


Had a most enjoyable time during our 3 weeks in the Marquesas.  Our anchorages were:

·         Bay of Virgins, Feta Hiva

·         Tahuaka, Hiva Oa

·         Hana Moena,  Tahuata (BY FAR OUR FAVORITE!!- wonderful clear sapphire water)

·         Hakahetau, Oua Pou

·         Taiohae, Nuka Hiva (Source for provisions and internet access)

·         Daniel’s Bay, Nuka Hiva (Spectacular hike through the mountains to the 2nd largest waterfall in world…but it was so dry that without water on our visit)

·         Anaho Bay, Nuka Hiva (Fantastic hikes through and over the mountains  and  terrific snorkeling with huge manta rays and loads of colourful fish varieties)

·         Taiohae, Nuka Hiva (Car rental with friends for all day drive around this most remarkable island with its canyons, bays, pine forests, etc etc)

·         Daniel’s Bay, Nuka HIva (Staging point for our departure to Tuamotus…..a second chance to enjoy the beautiful village with all its flowers and fruit trees, etc.)


Some photos have been posted and more will be when we get to Tahiti; no chance for internet until then.


Do send us emails (no attachments – PLEASE) as we love to find something in our inbox when we check via satellite phone each day.


DTG to our intended landfall at Kauehi Atoll in Tuamotus: 471 nm

ETA: early afternoon, June 1st…must arrive when tide is at slack water to be able to safely enter through the only pass into this atoll.

Our present Time Zone: UTC - 9.5 hours; that is 5.5 hours behind Toronto or New York time