'The Birds' The Sequel'....now at Contadora in Las Perlas

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 23 Mar 2010 19:36

12 18.612 N   079 00.212 W


I’m sure Alfred Hitchcock would have loved to shoot this… it took five minutes for these huge flocks of Cormorants to pass by Sea Mist, we figure there had to be thousands, and the fly very low – some even skimming the water.  We are at Isla Contadora today because they have internet.  Whilst exploring the beach I found some half oyster shells, I guess we would have to dive to find a whole one and then of course get really lucky and find a pearl or in Spanish Perlas.  The waters are not as clear as other places we have visited, one of the reasons are brown plankton or ‘plankton bloom’ which makes the water very hazy.  When I first saw them I thought there were hundreds of very small jelly fish, but their shapes were too irregular to be a jelly fish.   We probably will be here for another week, before we see some winds!  This is very unusual for Sea Mist as she usually finds very strong winds.



The crew on Sea Mist are enjoying the Las Perlas whilst waiting for some winds so we can carry on to the Galapagos Islands.












Ola from the crew of Sea Mist in the Las Perlas Islands off Panama city.