Location Report - Palau Talang

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 29 Nov 2012 11:57

04 25.294 N  100 34.715 E


After a week of enjoying air conditioned comfort at a  GREAT PRICE, we slipped our mooring lines about 3:30 pm at Pangkor Marina and motor sailed the 14 nm to this anchorage….dropping the hook at 5:30 pm.


Turns out that a couple of boats were here before us and a couple arrived after us; we now have Persian Sands, Raylah, Kakadu and Simply Sensational anchored with us in the lee of this island….and across from us on the mainland shore we see 2 other smaller sailboats anchored….don’t know their vessel names.


We have not checked in via our blog since arriving at Pangkor 7 days ago…just in time for the Sail Malaysia Rally dinner last Friday….and WOW….was it terrific; about 12 dishes/courses of great Malaysian cuisine were served…..all really tasty enjoyable food….and plenty of it!!!   And it was also great for us to reconnect with so many of our sailing friends….it had been far too long since we had last been in the same location ….for most that was in Belitung or Nongsa Point,  Batam….or earlier islands in Indonesia….and for a few it was, Singapore.


We had to accept falling behind the pack as a result of my needing to have the Total Hip Replacement surgery in Singapore….unplanned….but absolutely an outstanding timing for need, place and fantastic medical facilities/professionals.  I am now a month into the recuperation trail and all is going well….walking now with a “normal” gait about 8 km per day and working out on our stationary bike on-board for further recovery of the muscles/joint.  The Orthopedic Surgeon is VERY pleased with my progress and we are maintaining on-going updates via email and phone.


Nothing else to report at this time; we are looking forward to the next Sail Malaysia Rally events in Penang come this weekend.


DTG to Penang tomorrow:  62 nm


Ciao, the Seamisters