Gorgeous Weather - a bit of a shock!....is this really Rockland, Maine?

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 28 Jul 2009 22:30

44 06 N  69 06 W


Yesterday, Monday, the fog moved off a little to give a break for the sun to hone in on the town of Camden and we were there to enjoy. For us, Camden takes the prize for the nicest town so far in Maine. Runner ups would be Rockport, MA and Boothbay, ME.  Camden has the mix of mother nature supplying a great water fall in the center of town and a few lovely streets and shops to roam around til your touristy shopping needs are totally satisfied. Very pretty town and my first lobster dinner since arriving in the USA in June….about time!!


This morning we were set to head further to the Northeast under a beautiful sunny blue sky when some cruising neighbors suggested we might want to take in the Lobster Festival that would begin in Rockland tomorrow. A quick decision and we back-tracked to Rockland….anchored….and headed into the town to take in a couple of very enjoyable museums and art galleries ….while basking in the new found pleasures of the summer sun when not indoors. What a treat to have warm breeze off the land and sunshine!!...for the whole day…..now this is what we know the northeast could be….hoping for more>>>>>>


Tomorrow, I have my sights set on a 3 lobster dinner at the festival….it’s the “only way to go”!  We were informed that they will serve 25,000 to 30,000 lobsters over the 4 days of the festival….pity that we will only take in the first day ….and then return to our plans for cruising the Mount Desert Island area of Maine. I’ll have to leave it to the many other lobster lovers who are here to take care of all the lobsters I can’s help with.