First 24 hours.....CLOSE HAULED!....not an easy ride!!

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sun 15 May 2011 03:23
33 48 S 177 07 E

Just a quick update to report that all is well....but a tough ride so far.
We made 185 nm over the ground in the first 24 hours which is
great....but...far too much easting to make good distance to Fiji...only 137
nm Distance Made Good to our destination.

We have had a few spells of tough squalls; currently in 25 - 28 kts apparent
wind.....still close hauled but a bit better course over ground...we need
342 degrees magnetic to our destination and presently close hauled is giving
us about 355 degrees magnetic. The wind is supposed to continue to back and
should give us the wind angle we need later today. And, even more
importantly, as it backs, it should make it so that we can not only point to
our Fiji destination, but also get a much more comfortable wind angle for us
back towards the beam and behind....WE ARE HOPING!!

All for now.
The Seamisters

DTG 980 nm