Dining....there is Chez Cheryl and then there are a few shore experiences that take the other prizes

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 6 May 2009 03:58

17 01.0 N 61 50.0 W

We never speak about the gourmet experiences……reason be: most all of the great experiences are on-board at the whim of a great chef….Cheryl.      But then the odd time we get a chance to experience the local greatness>>>>>>>>>


Tonight was one of those extraordinary titillation of the palate: One of the prizes we won in the Oyster Regatta was a dinner for two at Carlisle Bay Resort…..well, I have had a very debilitating back problem for the last 2 weeks that has far more than cramped our style….BUT….over the last 36 hours I have started to come out of it and as the back spasms diminished in the sacroiliach….out appetite for what we knew would be great expounded!........and, so…..late in the day we moved sea mist a few miles to the west and anchored off Carlisle Bay Resort….and pursued our reservation at the East  Restaurant where they were expecting us.


There is only one statement to cover it all: the location, ambiance, tropical environment, service, gourmet food and piano/sax ensemble did the trick….definitely one of the finest experiences so far in the Caribe…..”East Restaurant” had a meaning we would not have otherwise understood….NOT east as in North East South West….but East as in the FAR EAST gourmet kitchen….unbelievably great Thai/Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Laotian/Korean dishes…YUM YUM!!!. Up until tonight, we would have referenced Frenchtown in Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, USVI where we had a terrific dining experience as a t treat of my brother-in-law/sister//….but after tonight, we would have to give the nod to Carilisle Bay.   Thanks CB and Oyster Regatta ….and Crew of Sea Mist for making the winning all happen…….A TERRIFIC DINING EVENING enjoyed by Cheryl and John!!


Time for bed….cheers to all from the Caribe…getting shorter on our time here every minute…boo hoo….