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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 2 May 2013 00:04


We saw a tiny bit of Danang as we had some hours before we flew to Hanoi.  This was our second time in Danang with a few hours to kill.  Our first time visited the Cham Museum and met this great couple who are running the Bread of Life restaurant, using deaf staff.  We were told how lonely their lives are and that they are not taught sign language unless they are under a programme such as this.  The Huff’s who originated from the States own the restaurant and their friends the Haney’s help them to operate the restaurant and ongoing teaching of new staff as they arrive.  They teach the kids sign so they can get jobs elsewhere and now contribute to helping their families instead of being a burden.  The food was great and it is always nice to see what people can do with a lot of hard work and a dream.


If you are interested in learning more about this impressive project and the rated #2 restaurant out of 88 in Danang, take a look at their website:

We wandered around the streets enjoying the art galleries in this one area we were in.







I liked the subtle use of colours, we bought a few of this shopkeeper’s smaller paintings…..all of the art are created by his brother.



These women always amaze me, they walk in the middle of the road and the bikes just seem to go around them.

This little guy probably just started walking , but he learned at a very early age how to hang onto the handle bars and notice he is wearing a helmet, not very often you see moms and kids wearing helmets if they are with the dad.


This woman is a street food vendor…she has her stand, stove, dishes, wash-up basin, and variety of foodstuffs with her as she walks down the street to set up at a good spot. This so typifies the Vietnamese as an industrious, creative, hard-working and commercially oriented people. As some of our guides told us…”if you have some imagination, enterprising skill and determination, you can become “rich” in modern day Vietnam in a few short years”

We had pizza for lunch; it has been a long time since we left the boat and enjoyed a pizza.  A very nice lady came by to show us her watercolours she had for sale, she was very gentle and did not shove the paintings in our face.  Our pizza arrived as she was in the middle of showing off her paintings so she said she would leave us to enjoy our lunch and afterwards if it was okay could she come back to show us the rest of her paintings.  What a treat, usually they hard sell and don’t leave you alone.  She was so nice we bought two!  Our time was up we got into a taxi and drove to the Danang airport.


Lots of ‘Lucky shops at the airport, I suppose that is a good thing.  Next Hanoi