What can we say? .... OH YES >> ROUGH !!

Sea Mist > Sold to New Owners July 2016
John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Mon 9 Nov 2009 12:16

22 38 67 27 W


This entry shows our position as of 1200 UTC; 7:00 am EST on Monday, Nov 10

The saga continues > Heavy sea conditions making it really uncomfortable for being on-board…otherwise fine.


Beautiful Sunny Day; winds continue to be 30 -35 kts but have recently improved for us on their impact as the wind direction has gone 30 degrees more to the North from the more easterly direction that has prevailed for days. That lets our point of sail be more of a Beam Reach rather than a Close Reach and improves a lot vis a vis the constant bangs from collisions with the huge seas.


The Maritime Net requested my assistance yesterday in trying to reach a sailing vessel 200 nm to my North East enroute to Puerto Ricoh  (S/V Calliope)….they apparently have a medical emergency on-board and the Coast Guard were having trouble trying to reach them …..I had no luck but have continued with regular attempts to see if I can pass on a CG phone number in San Juan where they are to call on their Iridium Sat Phone. It does not appear that they are listening to the emergency frequency…2182 Khz….but I will continue my attempts.


DTG to Charlotte Amalie, St Vincent USVI:    299 nm