Photos: Location Report: Nai Yang Beach...right next to Phuket Int'l Airport

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Mon 27 Jan 2014 03:06

08 05.516 N 098 17.571 E


Short run today ….but a world of difference….none of that crazy zoo environment we found at Patong Beach.


When we sailed in with Kilkea, we saw 3 other Canadian flags on the few boats in this anchorage. One couple (Daryl and Loretta) from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (later in life 7 years in PEI and then many years in Ottawa), S/V Cankata….a Prestige Catamaran….swam over to us to great us. They told us a bit of their story including a plan to sail aound South Africa last year….a plan that was abandoned due to tough weather forcing them back to Malaysia after Loretta broke her leg.  They then decided to forget about completing a circumnavigation and have now bought a hose close to this beach and have the Catamaran up for sail……they have spent most of 5 years in this area and this beach is their favorite location.


Another Canadian boat whom we have also now met…got married same year as us (1970), sailed away from home base, Sarnia, in 1977 and are now 27 years in this cruising life on their original sailboat……the last 9 years in this area.  Always interesting to meet new people and hear their stories.


I am looking forward to a Thai massage at one of the facilities on this beach/village….reports are excellent.  We will likely hang around here a couple of days before sailing onward to the north. 


EXCELLENT sailable wind….what a great surprise….over the past year, most reports were of always having to motor….or sometimes lucky enough to motor-sail.


This anchorage is where cruisiers meet up with guests flying into Phuket…very simple connection/rendezvous point.


Let's take a look at our experience …with photos>>>>>

Naiyang Beach


This is where the airport is you can see the planes arriving and departing sitting in the cockpit.

More colorful umbrellas.

Here is John posing and a girl with pasties posing, or was John trying to get my attention so I would take a photo of the pasties.





This is the restaurant we ate at, Marian and I chose it because we liked the seats.


Another day of sailing and looking around Ni Yang Beach.


Time to say goodnight.