Travel starting to Cambodia and Vietnam

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 9 Mar 2013 10:59
This is just a sort of "check-in" blog entry to let readers know that we are
still alive and kicking. The last 3 months in Langkawi have truly seemed
like "retirement" ....including lots of being busy with
maintenance.......but it is time we got on with our wanderings of the

Tomorrow morning we fly Langkawi > Kuala Lumpur > Siem Riep (Cambodia) as we
begin 4 to 5 weeks of touring these countries....and we may touch on
Thailand at the end with a visit to Chiang Mai....time will tell on that

Our travels will have us moving around by planes, trains, buses, tour and
cruise boats, tuk tuks, and by foot......and maybe other modalities not yet

For those of you who have our regular email, it will be still good for
reaching us.

Cheers, Crew of Sea Mist....John and Cheryl