Photos - Kalimatu National Park - Part 3

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 18 Sep 2012 07:49

The Market


We stopped at a street market on our way back to Sea Mist.  Once again literally a street market – some of their produce is on the street, whilst others have stalls.



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If I was this chicken I wouldn’t be strutting around – there is a chicken cage.  I like the way they arrange the produce, not just thrown in the buckets willy nilly.

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This is the Ende-Maumere highway; vehicles have to watch out for each other as well as wayward chickens, dogs, kids and tourists, forgetting they are on a main highway whilst shopping for fruits and vegetables.


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Some of the fruits and vegetables we could recognize and others they let us taste them to see if we wanted to buy them.




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The produce was fresh and clean, we have been to some markets that have more flies than veggies and in these markets  the only vegetable that seems to be able to withstand the heat are the small hot peppers, the flies don’t even bother them.

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?????? Very tasty

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This little guy was having a good time helping his sister, she kept on smiling as he walked along the stall, but never touched the fruits.

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Chickens are very costly in Indonesia

Description: C:\Users\Cheryl\Desktop\DSC_0139.JPGThe skins on these fruits look like snakeskin. I had a pair of shoes that looked just like the fruit, only they really were snakeskin, not fruit.


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They have great smiles.