Location Report - Bali Marina

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 21 Sep 2012 13:12

08 44.452 S  115 12.817 E


We left Lombok about 6:30 am and, once away from the Gili Islands (about 5 nm/half hour +), the wind picked up strongly and we had a fast sail westward with a south flowing current adding about 2 kts of speed most of the way.  We were at Lembongen by about 11:30 ….but…after motoring into the anchorage area, we did not like the atmosphere (more on this below) and decided to move on to Bali  (called the Marina and told them we were a day early….they said no problem…and we arrived and are safely tied up here ( the first dock they put me in was not safe…..it was for a much shorter boat and Sea Mist presented a hazard to anyone trying to enter the marina and make their way around our bow. When the dock master saw where I had been placed….he came to the boat quickly and told me he needed to move me right away….it was a mistake to have moored me there….too dangerous!  So we moved further down the dock by about 10 boats and ended up tucked away with no problems. We are tied up beside Northfork who is beside Kilkea…and Calisto is one space further down the line.


Only significant problem with our berthing at the Marina is that the shore power electrical hookup is very weak….it can’t deliver even 200 V …let alone 230-240 V. We blew the breaker twice trying to get dinner prepared. The main reason for us going into the Marina was to gain our freedom from Sea Mist and be able to roam Bali with overnight accommodation as/if it makes sense during our explorations. Now I am wary about the shore power….I went up to the office and was told that the electrician would be available tomorrow and will check our situation…..but the office manager did tell me that 220V is the best they get….that would be OK albeit a weak supply. We do have a water connection and so Sea Mist got a much needed fresh water bath at the end of day today.


Now…what did I mean when I said we moved on to Bali rather than settling into Lembongen: now we have been wandering remote islands and tiny communities ….with virtually NO tourists. Now, as we brought Sea Mist in close to shore at Lembongen, what did we find? >>>> the bay was jammed with all sorts of speed boats racing around with loads of people piled on a banana boat being towed; there were really big day tripper boats……like large ferry boats….all brightly painted and with their dozens or hundreds of tourists busy with water slide mooring docks….matching color scheme to the day-tripper boat….to which their “mother ship” had arrived and tied up for a few hours of water sports…before being raced back at speed to Bali before dark.  The island looked attractive with small resorts/hotels/restaurants lining the beaches….and surfers enjoying one of 5 surf breaks that rim the harbour entry.  All is all….far too busy to catch us at this time….and we could not find a mooring ball which was something we had been told would be readily available. Anchoring was not attractive as there was so much crazy traffic moving through the anchorage area in every direction


Our new prime objective is to experience Bali….probably need a car and driver ( not a place you would  want to drive yourself ….from what we have been told by others who have already spent some time on the island) and work out a plan including overnite accommodation…and get on with it. Tomorrow is Saturday, Sept 22nd and we have just a week to have our visitor’s Visas processed for a 30 day extension…or BIG TROUBLE!!   That should all work out OK as we understand things: Sam, from the Rally organizing group, assures me that he will spearhead the Visa extension and, if we give him our passports and $30 a person for the fee, he says he should have the passports/visas back to us by Friday…..so our fingers will be crossed!!!


Reports on Bali experience will follow over coming days.

CYO…the seamisters