Photos: Bali Part 5 - Rice Terraces on the drive to Tanah Lot

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 9 Jun 2015 09:00

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

About seven miles north of Ubud are the Tagallalang Rice Terraces.  The drive up there is really interesting, passing through the small villages and passing many cemeteries, we found out that the average Balinese cannot afford the cremation ceremonies, they are buried in the many cemeteries that dot the landscape.

It was difficult to see over the walls but this is just one of many cemeteries.

They were planning for one of the many public group cremations….for those who do not have the wealth to fund a private cremation ceremony…. an awful lot of people building, weaving and cooking for days/weeks in preparation.

The furniture the Balinese build is very, very, nice! Our guide told us many tourists/foreigners buy  enough furniture to fill a container and ship them back to their home country …. most of the time for resale there.

Fields of flowers used in all of their ceremonies.


We visited Tegallalang rice terraces after the stalks of rice had been picked, but the terraces are still wonderful to look at.  You look down on the terraces as they slope across the valley and you can imagine the workers bent over picking the rice.  This is a very popular place for camera buffs.  A local farmer owns the land invites the visitors for a taste of green coconut drink and maybe pose for a picture holding his baskets.  The small village of Pakudui, itself has an abundance of Balinese craftsmen who carve beautiful sculptures out of wood.

The terraces are dry, usually they are filled with water, and this is quite a unique irrigation system, very old but still works.

The farmer was happy to see John…

This has become a thriving business for the local people, the huts have been built to sell souvenirs with local foods available as well.

We are now off to see Tanah Lot and the Kecak Fire Dance.