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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 2 Jul 2013 03:32


The Li River has been described as winding like a blue silk ribbon, whilst the hills erect like green jade hairpins.  We only had one day in Guilin so we decided to take the Li River cruise.






Just like Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica.


….and then, very pastoral

These peaked roofs kept popping out of the trees

We stopped here to enjoy the marketplace and old buildings in the village. 

You are greeted by a small waterfall, just beckoning us to jump in as we were so hot!

The music man shop                                                            Tea Shop


Tea Shop

You can’t see the forest for the trees, we got the same feeling about the streets and then...

Just like magic the crowds would disperse and we could see the street


A side trip of the cruise is rafting on the Yulong river and watching the Cormorants fish for the fishermen.  We waited at a small restaurant and we were glad we did, there were some great photo




These are two Canadians from Toronto; we spent the day with them, newlyweds, just married one year.  They were great fun and so nice to be able to speak English, we chattered like magpies.


This little girl tried very hard to get her brother to see something; finally she got his eyes to go in the right direction, just not the right height.  You will see what I mean.

Not looking in the right direction at all.                


Still looking the wrong way!!!

He was just the sweetest little guy.

Finally, now if she could just get him to look up, this is what he would see......


A young fellow from Switzerland decided to dive off the bridge in the midst of the rafts, luckily they slowed down, his friend said he was crazy….. crazy or not… he attracted a lot of attention, three times, then he finally dried off and put his clothes back on.





Let's give it a 5.3 for the dive ……and here come the rafts.




One more thing to see before we go back to our hotel.  The Waterfall Hotel.  We ate at a local restaurant right across from the hotel, they had great food and one of the people we met on the cruise also went there and the best part is she was from China but living in the States …and could, of course, speak Chinese…. finally a translator. The restaurant was huge….and excellent; now if we could just remember its name, we would recommend it….hmmmm??

Very Impressive!

……they repeat the waterfall show every night at 8:30….hard to believe how much water they let flow down over the 15 minutes.


Tomorrow we fly to Hangzhou.