Updates re medical status....and travel plans

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 23 Apr 2014 13:07

Since last posting things have been up and down. First on the positive side, agreement was reached to have the follow-up diagnostic work (CT Scan and Xrays) to be done in Penang, Malaysia….that will happen on May 7th.


As for the last couple of weeks, John ended up with intense pain and discomfort for about 7 days that would not relent; side effect of the radiation starting to do its work of killing tissue which results in inflamation and significant impact on the whole business of managing the urination system. Even with an extensive coverage of prescribed pain meds and other meds, relief was no where to be found. However, for the last two days, there has been an abrupt change for the better…and we are hoping the improvement is sustainable….although the experts tell John that the issues may get worse or better as these next 3 months play out.


On our travel planning, we decided to forego the intended trip to China as it was not going to be possible due to John's condition in April and the timing of May 7th for flight to Penang for the follow-up diagnostics. We have really lost our intended window for travel to China as the trip would now have to be sandwiched between our return from Penang and our departure for Canada in mid-June…..AND…even more importantly, it starts getting HOT with the summer season emerging….AND…domestic tourism in China peaks in May due to school holidays, etc.   So, we will put off the intened trip until some time in the fall.


That's our update…cheers to all….the crew of Sea Mist