Photos - Being Tourists on Langkawi - Part 2

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 10 Jan 2013 03:51

Exploring Langkawi


Day 2 – Water World


We always like to visit zoos and aquariums around the world; we have always been pleasantly surprised.  We thought rather than talk about our tour of Water World we would show what is there.  We started off with the Flamingoes



They are not the most attractive birds but they do have charm and they can wrap their necks up like a pretzel!


This pretty little fellow was all by himself, looking very lonely but very handsome.  We started off with various types of Skinks.  I always feel very sorry for skinks as when we were in Australia, they seemed to be the main diet of everything from birds to snakes, and they seem to be like the Impala of Africa, on everyone’s diet. This by the way is bearded skink.





Next stop, Penguins...they have the most personality, the Rock Hopper Penguins; they are priceless, they look at you with these  crazy feathers on their faces and their eyes, they have a tremendous amount of personality whether they know it or not, and they really are very funny when they hop around and over the rocks, they never seem to walk, I guess it would be difficult for them to walk up a rock but hop...



















You have to love these guys; they strut, pose and just entertain us.


The lion fish has eluded me whilst snorkelling, so now I finally have a number of photos of him in captivity.   They pretty much had all of the coral fish we have seen firsthand, but on many occasions did not get a photo.


He was moving very quickly around his domain, so much so he is blurred.






They move along the window in a straight line, and then turn in unison to go the other way


These two never left each other, I watched them for about five minutes and all they did was swim and cuddle, they rub against each other.  I call these the Blues Brothers.


It was very difficult to get a good photo through the glass without a flash and to capture them as they were swimming around this pool with walls.



We watched a big grouper turn around in the sand to knock off some undesirables.








They all looked pregnant so I am thinking Daddy Day Care.

Pink is still in.

John’s dinner



Believe or not the Moray Eels are really interesting to watch, they move in and out of holes in the rocks, clean themselves on the sand, they don’t just hang around their caves.


This is the very poisonous puffer fish, yet this dopey one is leaning on his tail in between two rocks, plus he looks like he has chiclets for teeth. The other dopey one is playing - can you see me now?  It takes many years for a Japanese Chef to become competent in cooking these crazy fish and serving them without killing their customers.







We really enjoyed the site and at the very end we got to see coral and shells.


The black urchin has eyes of different colours, they look like beads.




Three shots of a jelly fish moving












Their movements seem to be very precise; this was a great opportunity to take photos of them moving, most of the time when we are in the water we don’t seem to get this chance.