TIME OUT!....Sea Mist demands attention...NOW!!...Grand Manan

Sea Mist > Sold to New Owners July 2016
John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 26 Aug 2009 02:02

44 40 n  66 46 W


Well….a day of reckoning. Sea Mist has asserted herself to remind us that this life of ours is dependent on her happiness and well being as an ocean vessel….and NEVER should we forget!!...or it will be at our peril.


Discovered a problem with the thru-hull that supplies cooling sea water to the freezer compressor; the thru-hull / sea cock suddenly showed serious issues of being “wobbly”….and,therefore, Cheryl stayed in the cottage in Pocologan and Sea Mist had me and a lobster fisherman friend of ours bring her some 35 nm to Grand Manan for an unscheduled haulout to determine why this “wobbly” thru-hull fitting and then determine how to repair…before Sea Mist decides to move the threat to action …..and sink to the bottom of the sea.


Now on “the hard” in Grand Manan and tomorrow’s daylight will assist me in diagnosing what has gone wrong with a thru-hull fitting that should have outlasted our time of ownership of this vessel???


Expect to be “on the hard” for a few days to take advantage of this unplanned haulout and to do a number of below water annual maintenance chores…after taking care of the thru-hull awakening issue.


Plans still call for us to be in New York City area mid-September and in the Chesapeake mid-October before returning to the Caribe for the winter.