Rolling down the last half......and .... WEATHER is coming our way !!

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 4 Jun 2009 15:12

37 2468 15 W

Passed the half-way mark at dawn this morning with everything going well. But there is a “good news” / “bad news” story today:

The good news is we finally switched to wind power and were able to turn off the engine during the night; the bad news is the storm that was forecast to come up the coast is moving faster, is closer to the coast and is now going to cover more area…..the bottom line…we are not going to be able to get by it as originally thought….so some heavy conditions will come into play tomorrow for the last part of the passage into Newport. We have put the engine back on and are motor sailing to give us fastest speed possible. Did 200 nm in last 24 hours….a lot of time over 9 kts and averaging over 8.


Nothing more to report…..later >>>

DTG 286 nm