Photos - Orangutans of Borneo - Part 3

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 3 Nov 2012 13:28

Pondok Tanggui Feeding Station

These are the wild orangutans, juveniles and babies abound here and the top male is Yanni.  Our first encounter was a mother and baby who were miming for food, she also makes a sound of kisses, then blows a raspberry.  She was so funny we all started to imitate her, ouch, so the orangutans watched the humans imitating orangutans...



The infant copied the mother.










This is Yanni and he is wooing the female in the tree by trying to knock her out of the tree, what a romantic.



Here she is clinging to a small tree, she was trying to move but he was shaking the tree so much she could only hang on.



Still hanging in there, the young one was probably three years old, quite big for Mom to hang onto a branch and tree and a heavy infant.


Sometimes they look quite benevolent and other times don’t mess with Yanni!





You can tell the difference between most of the Orangutans by their hair, Yanni has a bowl cut, if you look at each of the orangutan pictures you will see different hair styles.


Back to the boat for dinner.


This was our captain. The wheelhouse is so tiny that the captains have to be tiny.



Jenni telling us stories about the Orangutans and the policeman who was eaten by a croc, and a Palm Oil worker who was eaten by a python, oh yes, he had photos.

It started to rain then it poured for about 20 minutes.

I have seen glasses and bowls with this design, a Mother Nature original.