Location Report - Pulua Besar

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 18 Aug 2012 04:37

08 26.644 S 122 24.455 E

A few intervals of good sailing but most of the distance today was covered motor sailing.....the positive dimension was flat seas....and of course SUNSHINE....water temps are now up over 29 C (over 84F).

Anchor was down at 4:15 pm so we had just enough visibility coming in to see the reefs on both sides in our approach through the channel.

So far, we are not impressed at all with this anchorage... although the write up in the Indonesian Cruiser's guide book, 101 Anchorages (this is anchorage #14), rates it pretty good. Maybe we will get a better impression tomorrow...but the current direction from the Admiral is to move on to a better one tomorrow morning. For one thing, there is no nice sand beach to take the dinghy to and then snorkel....and there are mangroves along the shore...perfect home for CROCODILES>>>>>and we don't want to find any of them in Indonesia...enough of that in Oz.

There are 12 Rally boats anchored here so not the solitude either.

Will definitely look for an alternative this evening in all the literature and previous year participants' logs.


No internet signal available in the anchorages in this area.

That's all for now folks. Cheerio, the Seamisters