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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 5 Jul 2013 09:44

The People’s Square

We ate at a restaurant in the park and afterwards just wandered around.

You couldn’t ask for a nicer setting, water and trees surrounding the restaurant.


When we came out this gentleman was fishing in the stream beside the restaurant, he looked a little sheepish when he realized I was taking his photo, but then he smiled and waved at me.

Oh look, I found some more flowers to photograph.


A carousel

This ride got a lot of screams!


It looks like the ride is hitting the trees...


These two little girls wanted to ask John a question but were too shy, even with prompting from their father.

The younger one finally started to talk; it looks like it was giving her a headache.

They love to play games and gamble, and they use all of the parks and temple grounds to enjoy themselves.

Relaxation time is up, back to touring Shanghai.