Sailing Around Langkawi - Part 1

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 13 Jun 2015 06:29

Sailing around Langkawi

The weather was warm and sunny, a perfect time to sail and motor around Langkawi for stops at a few anchorages including the popular tourist stop called  The Hole In The Wall.

We were greeted by a pod of Dolphins fishing in the waters near the entrance to The Hole In The Wall.


Longest Dolphin we have ever seen…or maybe two Dolphins!


There were a lot of them, now we know they are here I can set my camera so I can get better shots of them.

I guess this is where the fishermen bring their catch

The scenery around the hole is splendid.

There are tourist boats coming and going all day long – not a place you would come for some peace and quiet



Here we are getting closer

Most of these boats were empty, I guess the owners leave their boats here for the monsoon season.

The trees and shrubs find a small amount of dirt in the crevices and seem to flourish.

Back out and we spotted a rock that looked like a ???

The ‘Old Pirate ‘Ship rock



There were some Malay Fishermen out with their nets

This couple were out fishing, hopefully they got some fish.

We always wonder if they ever do catch any fish???

We left the Hole behind to go back to Telaga and found man’s contribution…