When a storm comes though - another "wondrous beauty" of nature

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 2 Jul 2011 21:01

Stormy Days

We have been talking about the great weather we have enjoyed over the last month, day after day of sunshine.  Last week, a long powerful trough formed on the northern edge of a huge high and this is the result. The heavy winds started around 8pm in the evening and continued until around 3pm the next afternoon.  Our biggest concern was how close we were to the reef, at times only one boat length away; this is when you really have to have confidence in your anchor!!! 


What a difference a day makes.


What a difference a day makes.



The marker is just at the reef….a time when you really appreciate a good anchor AND a good anchor alarm!


It doesn’t look like much of a storm but the winds were up to 40 kts (75 Km per hour) with very heavy rains.


We are protected in the cove which is inside the main barrier reeef so we have experienced the high winds but not the heavy seas that we usually enjoy when the winds arrive.

This view is off the stern of the Sea Mist, the storm clouds have passed and the large bank of storm clouds are in the distance and that is the end of the storm!


The sun started to set behind the storm clouds and this is what we got to enjoy over the next half-hour.



As the sun disappeared the clouds became more and more colourful.

Crimson Sky

Or sky on fire, it was awesome!

Crazy looking sky.


The blue sky above the clouds created a whole new look, softer because of the colours and the wispy clouds that were coming in.


You can see the last of the crimson sky just before it got dark.  I forgot to look for the famous Green Flash...HaHa.

….CYL….The Seamisters