Final Stop in Galapagos - Isla Isabela - the largest of the Islands

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Mon 12 Apr 2010 01:55

00 57.93 S  90 57.75 W


Left Santa Cruz early this morning (Sunday – April 11) and motor sailed the 47 nm to Isla Isabela.  We could hardly wait for daybreak to come so that we could get going….the anchorage at Santa Cruz was TERRIBLE due to the boat rolling with an ocean swell from the south that just kept rolling into the anchorage…..and no alternative. We knew in advance that the anchorage there is notoriously bad every year so we planned for the fewest possible days necessary to take in what we wanted to experience.


Now that we are anchored here in Peurto Villamil, Isla Isabela, we are back to a confortable anchorage protected by an extensive barrier reef and a series of small islets…..what a relief…..crew will sleep well tonight; we need it after the non-stop heavy rolling last night.  We will handle the formalities of checking in with the authorities in the morning and begin to plan our visit to this last island in our Galapagos experience. This island is the largest in the archipelago; it has active volcanoes; small population (only 1800 of the 20000 Galapagonians live here; lots of marine life (small penquins and a few sea lions/seals swimming around in the anchorage….but does not appear that the sea lions will be the nuisance they were in San Cristobal.


Hope to find an internet café on shore in the next day or two and upload some photos and account of our experiences in the islands.


Expect to depart for French Polynesia by the end of this week…approximately April 17.