Location Report - Orpheus Island, Little Pioneer Bay

18 35 981 S  146 29.334 E


Very peaceful quiet bay ….and for the first time, instead of our anchor, we are on a Great Barrier Reef Parks Mooring Ball.


Sun/blue sky now for 3 consecutive days!!!  Wow, after only one non-rain day in the month of May  (i.e. blue sky on May 28th), we seem to have finally lucked into a change in climate on the precipitation side; we will keep our fingers crossed that it is actually a real lasting change taking us to the dry season that should be in these parts.


We really enjoyed our time at Magnetic Island and Townsville.  Great walking/hiking trails on the island….and Koala Bears in the trees!!   Remnants of 2nd world war forts/gun emplacements  and wondrous views for miles and miles.


Townsville has been, for us, the most beautiful area in Australia on this sailing time in the country…absolutely gorgeous park land called the strand along the waterfront/beach.


Will move on tomorrow to Hinchinbrook Passage……reported to be a beautiful cruising area.


Only problem is temps are cool when you are on the water….since the water temp has been down at about 22 C…..we are looking for it to start rising soon…..so that we can start complaining about the heat>>>>