Snug Harbour

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 3 Feb 2010 12:04

09 19.631 N  078 15.099 W

Snug Harbour

We decided to stay at Snug Harbour instead of Aridup because the seas were crashing onto the beach where we wanted to anchor so it would have been very rolly to say the least.  We just enjoyed the quiet bay  and then the fishermen arrived with their catch of the day….you got it Lobster!  We had another feed of lobster, this time on Sea Mist.  We are going to stay here for today, the villagers are arriving with the small bread they sell and hopefully some papayas.  We are out of salad fixings but still have some frozen vegetables.  We will be able to restock once we are in Panama.  Another day in paradise, just chilling and swimming, we have a little island right in front us, picture perfect.  Tonight we are eating out at a Resort!  We arrived at the Kuna Lodge around 7pm and met a Dutch couple who had been there for three days, he thought it was very remote…more than he realized.  The lodge is very well done, you really get to see how the roofs are done as there was lots of light.  Ian and John got us back safely to Kilkea and Sea Mist using the handheld GPS.    There are reefs everywhere so you have to check   out the water in the daylight before you try going anywhere in the dark. We came back to the boat and I baked a loaf of raison bread I had made that day, you certainly do not have a problem finding a warm spot for the bread to rise. Tomorrow we head off to Isla Tigre and Green Island. 


DTG to the Panama Canal entrance at Colon: 128 nm