Photos: Thailand...Patong Beach .....the Notorious center of Phuket tourism

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sun 26 Jan 2014 02:03

Patong Beach

We are at the infamous Patong Beach, where umbrellas fill the beach with colour and the nightlife is something you have to experience firsthand.  We started off along Beach St. lots of restaurants and souvenir shops.


The umbrellas are all different colours and I think they must belong to the hotels or to individuals who own them, I never found out how it all works.


The umbrellas go for as far as you can see, amazing.

The Golden Arch is everywhere…

And Burger King

Lots of side streets to explore.

I thought this was kind of nice, they had all of their stalls side by side but the backdrop made it look good and opened up the area.


Here is John helping a rickshaw driver.

The interesting thing about these clubs is we were walking along a lane with offices and small hotels, went under an arch and found ourselves in nightclub alley.  Here are just a couple of the clubs.

The clubs go for a city block but most of them didn’t have their signs out, just closed doors.

Back to the busy streets, teeming with tourists.

You have to wonder with all of these lines how they keep them up.  You see pizza signs everywhere – one of the most popular meals around the world.

These stairs lead into the mall and air conditioning, instant relief from the heat.

This is the outdoor part of the shopping mall, lots of stores and a huge massage parlour.

The massage and spa.

After having a great massage you can stop for a Big Mac!

This little guy was posing with the mannequin.





The Nightlife

They have a lot of he/she entertainers on the street to interest you in their clubs as well as to have fun with the tourists.

The entertainer in polka dots was a real entertainer, with very big polka dots.


They have really nice evening gowns and skimpier outfits, always trying to drum up business, can you imagine doing this night after night.

The lady in black would stand beside the tourist who was getting their photo taken by friends and stick her finger in their ear, would wait for their surprised look then laugh and laugh.



The young girls liked to have their photos taken with the entertainers, more so than the guys.

Here we are back on Beach Street on our way back to the boat.  The restaurants certainly look different at night, lots of lights and it was a lot quieter after being on bar street.

I guess the stars of the show, Tiger Prawns.