Some day......we will leave Bundy....we promise!!

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 3 May 2012 22:22

Still here....long story that would be a very boring blog entry.  Short version is I found a glitch in the navigation technology when we went to cast off yesterday morning at 5:30 am....and I worked at it almost non-stop with no more than a few hours' sleep (9:30 pm til 1:30 am this morning). I was on with tech support from the main suppliers of my technology hardware and software in USA and UK for hours yesterday....and from 1:30 am til 6:45 am this morning.  No one could figure out the problem.


Anyway, in a conversation with one of the players just after 6:30 this morning, the light bulb went on for me. The whole problem was so simple that it is unbelievable that I didn't find it MUCH sooner. It was just a simple software setting....the wrong com port was set in the primary software application....I just changed the com port to the right one and all was fine. The technology support gurus were all surprised when I reported back to them on the solution and the success.


This is a typical example of how a boat somehow messes itself up when it isn’t used….the 6 months here at the marina did It to me……must get back to regular sailing!


But we need some now to bed for some daytime shut-eye....we will see later in the day what the weather looks like to see if it supports a departure tomorrow, Sat, morning at dawn.


Cheers, the Seamisters