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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Mon 1 Jul 2013 06:37

National Museum of China

This is a great way to understand the history of China.  We spent hours in the museum, I was busy taking photos and every now and again John and I would bump into each other, and if you saw the size of the museum it would be very easy to miss each other.




One of the first sculptures, the amazing thing about the artifacts in the museum is just how many they have unearthed from 5000 years ago.  Our history is so new in comparison to China.











Bronze wine vessel, there were so many examples of wine vessels they really liked their wine.

11th century BC








A drum 3200 BC



Way back then they liked wine, music, dancing and jewellery, not much has changed over the centuries.









It looks their money could be used as a weapon as well, can you imagine hanging a bunch of these on your belt.





Percussion Instrument

Very clever, store their five cereals in stone jars to help keep them fresh and maybe stop some of the insects from getting into the cereals.



Wings, snake, lion???




This guy was having a lot of fun; they did sculpt from live people.




They are using glazes with lots of colours



















The vases have changed so much more detail and they are porcelain rather than pottery.











They look like cats, around 3000BC