Photos: Kingdom of Tonga Vava'u - Part 2 of 3

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 10 Sep 2010 00:00


Market Day




Always the ladies with their umbrellas sitting down and waiting for friends and neighbours to walk by so they can catch up on all the news.



The basket weaving is done with a lot of pride and skill; they really make some wonderful pieces, their work is a tight close weave so the pieces look very finished, not at all rough as we have seen on other islands.



Try and carry these onto the boat and then fit them in the galley! I asked what they were called but it was in Tongan, they are a tuber of some sort and you eat them.


Mother Nature’s sculpture.


The Captain and crew were very happy, lettuce for salads!  We are always hunting for lettuce, they grow their own here so they have bags of lettuce, fresh basil, green onions, a vegetable bonanza!


Great Papayas and watermelons.


These little clams are so tiny it would take a lot of them to fill you up.



One stop shopping, crafts, food, sauces and Tapas.


Full Moon Party



Wednesday, September 23rd

Today, the Mracek’s and Ellsworth’s will register in town and then enjoy the all day block party.  We are going to take in the sights and then eat at the  Giggling Whale they have a great show every Wednesday evening presenting the kids from one of the islands around here who are trying to make money to go to school, education is very expensive and the parents have to come up with ways to procure money to ensure their children will be able to attend school.  We really enjoyed the prevue of the kids as they entertained us during the day at the block party.

 The full moon party started two years ago and yachties and locals seem to be enjoying the party so hopefully they will have a great year three.

You may have noticed that every once in a while a photo of a flower appears, I am using them for fill.




Block Party

Everyone is welcome…this little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home…


Yes this is his pet and he knows this tiny little piggy will become very big one day – but for now, he has a cuddly friend.


Face painting was one of the more popular attractions and ‘Billy Snips”, the local hair snipper, was out and about, you had to catch him on the run as he was moving around town, so if you see him stop him and he will cut your hair, oh yes, and we saw first hand how talented he was!

This seems to be a great way for the Tongans to show their wares.  They are very talented and the carvings are particularly nice.  The Tongan women and men make beautiful straw crafts.



And now, the entertainment, this group of dancers ranged in ages from four to eighteen are from one of the local islands desperately trying  to make money so the children can go to school; education is very, very expensive In Tonga so most families struggle to send their children to school.



This young fellow in the front has so much enthusiasm that he became the number one favourite.



The Tongan women are very pretty – but one notable aspect about the Tongans  are they very large feet.



The Corn Hole competition, commonly known as the bean toss was enjoyed by all.    Jeanette and I were eliminated fairly early on, well okay after the first game, John, Ian and Michael did much better.


Back to School



We were invited to the local kindergarten to meet with the kids and hear some of their songs and enjoy their art work.  The school is very deficient in school supplies and depends upon visitors to either make a donation or as the chaps from Whangarei are going to do, try and collect supplies for the kids and send them by boat.  We should be able to have jumble sales, etc and a portion could go to the schools in Tonga, I think I already mentioned that it is very expensive for the kids to attend school.





The Race




We entered Sea Mist in the Friday and Saturday races; this is what you should not be doing with your Spinnaker.


The Friday night rce takes place in the harbour, so not only are you trying to compete with other boats but you also have to wind your way therough the boats that are anchored and moored in the harbour!  Saturday we raced to