Location Report - Moresby River, Mourilyan Harbour

Sea Mist > Sold to New Owners July 2016
John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 8 Jun 2012 05:44

17 36.384 S  146 07.468 E


After two days in the most peaceful/tranquil surroundings of Hinchinbrook Channel…..surrounded by calm water and mountains with stunning vistas and colours at sunsets and sunrises…..we motored (sail was up so let’s call it motor sailing….even if it wasn’t) 58 nm to reach this natural harbour at the mouth of a river opening between mountains.  So peaceful anchorage again….but very little room given all the local boats moored here….AND…the depth that Sea Mist demands. Anyway, we have the hook down and, I think, as Sea Mist swings on her anchor, we will just clear the two fishing boats beside us …one on each side.


The blue sky /sunny days continue….tomorrow will be 7 consecutive days…HOORAH!....keep it coming. I actually had to use a bit of clothing today as we were sailing to protect me from getting too much sun exposure…..need to toughen up the body after a month of rain.


Tomorrow > onward to Cairns......pronounced by all Aussies as “CANS”….same pronunciation as “cans” of beer.