Departing Bundy...finally!

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 2 May 2012 12:46

We are set to cast off from Bundaberg Port Marina at daybreak tomorrow, Thursday, May 3rd.


Once we decided to put off out departure last week, we took on a couple of important projects that had been put to the side. One of those was to see if we could solve an intermittent problem with freezing/blocking of the capillary on the evaporator plate in the cockpit fridge. Found an excellent marine refrigeration mechanic locally and he knew what needed to be done immediately. It took him a bit of time to fit in our work but he got it finished today….so now, we can depart with everything working well. We spent a lot of time and $$$ on that fridge issue in NZ last year but “the fix” done by a young guy from a crackpot refrigeration company did not solve the fundamental problem….wish we could have found the Aussie, Rolf Imrock, last year….would have saved big $$$ and we wouldn’t have had the intermittent nuisance.


Our plan is to sail to Lady Musgrave and spend a couple of days or so in the lagoon there …just getting accustomed to our return to the cruising life. We are looking forward to having S/V Kilkea (David and Marian) catch up to us over this next week or so; they departed Brisbane today and will make a couple of stops along the way before they pass by Bundaberg heading north. They will also be on the Sail Indonesia Rally this year so we will have the chance to travel somewhat together over the coming months….brings back the memories of Europe with them back in 2007/2008.


We will start updating the blog with some regularity going forward….so stay tuned.


The Seamisters …..John and Cheryl