Anchored Great Keppel Island

23 10.10 S  150 56.77 E


A strong sailing day all the 98 nm from Lady Musgrave; been awake since LONG before dawn as I was quite worried about exiting the Lady Musgrave Lagoon in the pre-sunrise light…very difficult to see the coral bommies looming below the surface to make a mess of our keel/hull/day….but we got out OK with Cheryl on the bow. Had to cover the 1.5 nm to the pass between the time it was starting to give some light….BUT BEFORE…the sun broke on the horizon when we would be totally blinded by the rising sun.


Not something I would want to do frequently….really risky….but Cheryl was just able to see the shapes to guide me around them on our way to the pass; sure was great to get out of the lagoon and get the sails flying of our very full day run to Great Keppel Island…..and an arrival there after dark in that anchorage but the charts looked good for coming in in the dark.  Everything went well and we were glad to get to sleep for another early morning rise to head off to Pearl Bay.