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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Mon 1 Jul 2013 05:28

Great Wall of China

We waited a day because of the rain before going to walk along the Great Wall of China, but rain was forecast for the duration of our Beijing stay….so we resigned ourselves to do the excursion without the ideal weather.  We did walk along the wall but our photos are misty and moody.


The cable cars run continually taking thousands of people a year to walk along the wall.

Here we are at Mutianyu or Moo shen u

Here we are up on the wall, we looked over the parapet but couldn’t see anything, and thank goodness I had the cape to protect my camera!

Off and away into the unknown.





This is what the wall looks like on a sunny day, we took a photo of the photo from a book about Beijing.

I included this photo to show how people in wheelchairs can get up onto the wall for a short distance to at least have been there.


Ladies selling fruit, the walk up is filled with hawkers.

There are so many stalls all selling the same thing you wonder how they can make money.


We want to return for a 2nd opportunity on The Great Wall ….when/if….we can enjoy a sunny day and see the panoramas…..time will tell?