Arrival Report - Darwin

Sea Mist > Sold to New Owners July 2016
John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sun 8 Jul 2012 11:21

12 25.857 S  130 48.999 E


A gorgeous day on the water….flat calm….blue sky…….flat/non-rolling/non-pitching boat….everything one would want if you were operating a motor boat….but Sea Mist was designed as a “sailing vessel”….but not today….sailing today was only a theoretical concept. Burning diesel was the power source.


Anyway, a good day had by all; we were anchor down by 8:30 pm so just under 14 hours of motoring. Of course it is pitch black here in Fannie Bay where we have anchored. We can see many, many anchor lights and lots of radar echoes/targets so there are a lot of our fellow sailors gathered here….will have to wait til dawn to see what the anchorage actually looks like.


Tomorrow, the priority will be to have the Aquatic Biosecurity officials handle the diving/inspection and application of some killer concoction into all of our seawater intakes to kill foreign creatures. Must be done before we can enter Tipperary Waters Marina.  Also, tomorrow, I want to get to Australian Customs to get the necessary paperwork for buying tax free/duty free fuel and duty free alcohol.  I want to get the fueling handled before entering the marina as it is a bit complicated with locks and timing tides to have water to float Sea Mist to reach the marina…..and it is going to get VERY busy these next days with all of the SAIL INDONESIA participants arriving and needing the same services.


Time to eat and sleep…..cyl > the Seamisters