Photos: Part 1 - Nai Yang Beach Market Day

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 20 Feb 2014 08:16

To Market, To Market…


Here is a good shot of Sea Mist through the umbrellas on the beach.  And just behind Sea Mist is SV Inspiration Lady – Gary and Jackie from Canada…long time cruising friends since Panama.

I thought a few photos of the street behind the beach and a photo visit to the market where we shop for fresh fruits and vegetables might be interesting to those of you back in Canada.  The market is in Nai Yang on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, so they have to tear down their stalls and set them up every day not once a week, so they can sell their wares at another beach town on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I’m not sure who the clientele is for this shop, certainly not the tourists in shorts and tops.

The Welcomecat…



This was once a very large hotel complex but is empty and deserted looking, the paint is peeling off the walls, the town has so many tourists you would think they would use these buildings, especially since it is right across from the beach!



Just before we rounded the corner to the market we spied a temple we think, in the distance, it looked very pretty nestled in amongst the trees.

I like the roof lines of the buildings in Thailand.

Here we are at the market, lots of take-away foods as well as fresh products.

Quail eggs I think, when you ask they say yes okay.

This looks like poached eggs on a pancake, but the texture was like that marshmallow fluff in a bottle, very strange.  Sticky poached eggs on a pancake.

Hot Dogs in a pancake, with tomato ketchup rather than mustard.


Fresh fish, keeping them iced is almost a full-time job in this heat, hopefully they don’t run out of ice…


The crab section, some of the sellers take time to place their crabs on the table whilst other just pour them onto the table.



This was the chicken lady and no she did not have any ice on the poultry…

Not quite the same packaging as in Canada and we don’t have the little extras like heads and feet with our chicken.