Roaming the French Islands - Les Saints/Marie Galant/Guadaloupe

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 7 Feb 2009 12:58

15 52061 35 W

Had a wonderful sail yesterday from Dominica to Les Saints….even managed to stir up a little fun competition with a Sweden yacht for the early distance; and then a most enjoyable evening in Terre de Haute having dinner with the crews of 2 other Canadian boats….. Ocean Harmony and Rapture 1…..good time had by all.


Big difference between the independent Caribbean Islands and these Islands that are part of France. Here as in Martinique, it is much more relaxed, no hassle, cleaner, better standard of living and obvious better general conditions/attractiveness of the islands that are part of France. Of course we have to switch to the Euro rather than the Eastern Caribbean Dollar but price is generally less than in the independent islands…..and definitely better variety and quality.


Plan is to move over to Marie Galant tomorrow for a day or two and then double back to Guadaloupe for a few days of discovering that island. There has been a transportation/services strike there for some time and it has made it difficult for provisioning, etc. We understand that the strike may now be ended and that store shelves are being stocked again, etc….we’ll see.