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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 18 Oct 2011 06:24

Reconciliation Commencement

After the warriors brought the Samoans to the Anelcauhat they sang a welcome song & Salusalu, did a custom dance, a warrior dance then it was time for speeches and prayers and the gift of reconciliation.   We were invited for lunch as well, they were very gracious in allowing us to be part of this ceremony. 








Speeches and prayers.



Gift to Chief of the Village


I asked him why now, why not 20 years ago, he said that since they ate the Samoans the Heads of the village and members of their family go crazy, so they wanted to lift this curse off the village and their chiefs.  He has spent a lot of his life as a missionary in China, he has gone hungry, feared for his life and yet he still continues, his children have all become missionaries and will be off to different parts of the world.  We would have liked to talk to him great lengths but we could not monopolize his time, he was a very interesting man.



They are getting the taro and yams ready for the feast.


They stuff the pig with hot coals and mango leaves, he was very tiny, he was for the guests of honour.

Lunch, preparing for a large group


The food is put onto the banana leaves, a portion of the vegetables and meat are laid out for every person.

A happy little guy after his tummy is full!


The ladies just having some fun.




The Village




We walked around the periphery of the village most of the homes were hidden in amongst the trees.


Back to the boat, tomorrow we are off to the Island of Tanna.